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TV news alerts us that self-protection is becoming more important for you and your loved ones every day.

Stun Guns and Tasers are the easiest to use and most powerful safety devices legally available to most of the adult public in the U.S. and other countries.  For information about the difference between Tasers and Stun Guns you might want to read this article. Click Here!

Stun Guns and Tasers are not considered lethal weapons, as they do no permanant damage. You can legally conceal them in your purse, pocket, glove compartment, knapsack... in most states and countries. (See list link below) 

Stun Gun Safety Tip
The rule of thumb is the higher the Stun Gun voltage
the faster it
will drop the attacker.

Try to use the largest voltage your pocket book can afford at this time. You can always purchase a stronger voltage later. Get protection now and you won't worry about your safety.

Why You Need A Stun Gun or Taser...
1. Scare your attacker(s) away with a push of a button. Simply raise your Stun Gun in the air and push the "stun" trigger. The sound of the high-powered electrical charge scares most attackers away. Some Stun Guns even have a siren built in.

2. Stun your attacker (in the arm muscle, thigh, buttocks or neck muscle for best results) to drop them to the ground so you can
escape and seek help.

Who Needs A Stun Gun Or Taser?

* Do you work late as a bartender, waitress, nurse, convenience store worker, truck driver?

* Do you visit out-of-the-way locations as a real estate sales professional, social worker, lawyer or postal worker?

* Even in the broad daylight you as a mall shopper need a Stun Gun.

* Put it in your disaster pre-paredness kit. The recent hurricane and tornado disasters showed us that people can become lawless after a major emergency.

* Be prepared!... everyone will most likely need a Stun Gun at some point...
                                                                                   the Police can not be everywhere.

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