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Forget swipe cards and other manual or electro mechanical attendance systems that record the entrance and exit of your employees to and from your office. One employee can easily swipe or punch the card of his friend to record his attendance while the culprit is enjoying time in performing other tasks. You can eliminate this problem by installing a biometric attendance system. Fingerprints and the pattern on the iris vary from one individual to the other. It is next to impossible for two different individuals to have the same set of fingerprints and an identical iris pattern. Therefore, you can stop one employee from impersonating someone else by installing that attendance system on the main entrance of your workplace.

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Safeguarding sensitive data on computers

It is the same for safeguarding the computers in your workplace as well. Are you sure that your new employee is not a spy, sent by your competitor, to find out and steal data about your latest project? Can you imagine the consequences if he is able to steal that data and pass it on to his real boss? This can result in years of hard work going down the drain. Ensure that only authorised employees can access vital data stored on specific computers by installing foolproof security measures instead of relying on password protected logins.

Are you worried about burglars raiding your jewellery store?

Are you confident that you have provided proper security equipment to the guards protecting your brick and mortar jewellery store? What if a group of hoodlums, armed with sophisticated armaments attack them? Let us assume that you have provided your guards with modern rifles. Are you aware of the legal consequences you may have to face if a member of your security staff kills a member of the gang while firing at them to prevent them from robbing your store? You can prevent this incident by using stun guns. These gadgets emit high voltage through a prong. Touching the attacker with the prong immobilizes him for a short period without afflicting any permanent or serious injury. This provides you with enough time to call the police and allow them to handle the attackers.

Using remote controlled security cameras

Most burglars have a good knowledge about security cameras and the way they work. Then can easily destroy recorded footage by smashing the hard drive containing it. This is where remote controlled security cameras play a massive role. They record the footage and transmit it over a high speed WiFi connection to a distant location where they are received and recorded. You should ensure that you install such cameras at all vital points of your store. The rotating model is better since it covers a range of 360 degrees. Ensure that you install a biometric safe on your store as well. This gadget emits a high pitched sound, loud enough to thwart potential burglars. It operates on the same principle as that of the biometric attendance system. It opens only after it matches and validates the fingerprint and iris pattern of the individual attempting to open it.